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A heated discussion! 🔥

So, I start my day as usual with my routine work and social media browsing and then I come across a heated debate among my peers regarding – How movies depict that dreams come to reality and all goes hunky dory in the end, but that is hardly the case in real life!

Lets say the three people in the discussion were Joe, Barton and Me.

Joe : Videos like these that give false hope infuriate me. No, you won’t be a star. You aren’t special. You may not be the person you’ve always dreamt to be and you gotta deal with it. You can’t always follow your dreams and you have to do a practical 9-5 job and that just might be your life and you gotta get along with it. I hate the previous generation for fucking our lives up.

Barton : Well,art always has a special status,coz all other professions have a clear problem in front of them to solve,if their product/service solves that problem through direct logical ways,then they are through,they can earn money and make a living .

For artists,in the ideal sense,there’s nothing like a ready problem to solve,and all he tries is to touch his inner most self and express it.Hell,who is going to pay for your inner shit?No one wants to hear your polambals! Plus most of his creative ideas are wrong too!He doesn’t even know whether he is in sync with the reality around,he has a risk of becoming insane.Plus it takes years to master the craft aspects,without which he is just a bundle of hippy ideas.

But still,an artist is respected and valued in the society because,if the artist did go deep enough inside him,the pristine emotions he excavates through craft transcends debates and opinions.Its a river which everyone wants to bath in.Thats why people give great artists a demi god status.The work of the artist brings out the most noble ,most sacred and the most pristine qualities of a human being ,which normally no one exhibits in this world of rat race.

It’s quite a risk a creative person takes to monetise his creativity alone.High risk-High reward.

Joe : Barton, all that is fine. What I’m trying to say is, your dreams may not come to reality and you have to deal with it. When the wrong expectations are set when we grow up, this shit’s going to be REALLY difficult.

Me : Hello moderator, I’d like to pitch in my idea too..😜

Dream, hopes, reality, expectations these are all words that would topple even the most stable minds if said in a single breath.

Just an example to perhaps shed light on a perspective, In a ship’s crew base there are mainly 3 departments- the deck department, the engineering department and the stewards department ( the labourers of sorts)

Now, If i say that my hope is to be the captain and lead the ship above and beyond, it may not sound like a far-fetched dream. But if in a structured ship, all the personnel in the departments wish to become just the deck crew.. imagine what would become of the ship!

In our scenario, we are today in the department of steward, working our ass off, unnoticed and underappreciated. But with time and our constantly evolving wit, we ascend to higher departments till we reach the deck.

And ofcourse, when we do and we lead the crew as the captain, sailing into the sunset and being in the moment will make all the pain and suffering worth the while! ☺️


Joe : What I’m saying is more like this: I want to be an astronaut. I’ve always wanted to. But I’m a labourer in a ship. Now I can either forget my dream of being an astronaut and work my ass off and become the captain of the ship decades later which is cool and all that, but it’s not my dream. Not something I grew up wanting to be. Or, I quit my job in the ship, take a huge-ass risk of being an astronaut like the ones I admired, the ones I read about and saw on TV (which only highlights the successful ones and not their hardships and definitely not the thousands and thousands who tried and failed) by joining a training camp. There’s a huge probability that I could fail, especially when considering there’s so much competition and people with privilege who were groomed from a young age, who are able to get into good training and have higher prospects of becoming an astronaut.

Either way, there’s suffering. If my parents hadn’t told me I was special and that I’m only one of billions and if the society (and its success stories) had only not told that you can be whatever you want to be if you work hard and if you’re determined, this shit would have been easy.

If I was taught to be happy no matter what I become, instead of all those false hopes and promises, I wouldn’t waste away my life in guilt and regret of never becoming who I’ve always wanted to become.

Me : So, hey. I totally get it. One, because we all studied in DAV “boys” we all knew the expectations with which we all entered the arena. Today, you are able to say that our dreams didn’t turn out the way we imagined because we were exposed to that level of competition and expectations early on in life.
Now, as you said not everyone wants to ascend up the hierarchy in a ship to become a captain. True! At each stage in life we desire different things and imagine ourselves in different positions of power.
As far as “parents hadnt told me..” part is concerned, simply put its the peer pressure that drives our decision making early on in life, because we feel that if he is doing and its working for him perhaps its the right thing to do.
But once we grow up and have witnessed the world we grew up in enough, we realize that we were never in control of our actions or chain of thought. But that dosent make the people around you who guided you and praised you early on saying ” you can be anything”.. wrong, in their way they did the best they could.

Its as they say, you’ll know when you’ll become a parent.

Now, time for reality check: we dont have a time stone or any tool for that matter that can help us correct the wrongs and re forge the path we wished, all we can do is connecting the dots and somehow figuring out the way out in our maze of life.

I too wanted to be different things, someone after 12th.. then someone else after bachelor’s.. and so on.. but each time I failed to be that someone I got to know my strengths and weaknesses better. Its all about figuring out yourself, rather than what could have, should have and would have.
Dwelling in the past can only give regret, but if you take those moments of being held back as a lesson… IT WILL BE THE SLINGSHOT THAT’LL PROPELL YOU RIGHT WHERE U ARE SUPPOSED TO BE!

I believe a debate on a topic such as this, has its different perspectives and each time we think about it, we may excavate a new opinion. But to summarize, I think my comment was sufficient to realize that we may never understand the ending of the story if we dont stay put and listen throughout!

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आज दिन कुछ खास सा है..

आज जब में बीते हुए पलों को याद करता हूं, तो यह ज्ञात होता है कि खुशी सिर्फ ढूंडने पे मिलती है।

चन दिनों पहले में भारत में रहते समय यह सोचता रहता था , की ना जाने मेरा पहला अंतरराषट्रीय भ्रमण कैसा जाएगा, पराए देश में भाषा की भादा, और तो और रंग रूप भी अलग.. आज मुझे आए हुए सिर्फ चन दिन हुए हैं परन्तु आभास ऐसा है मानो महीने हो गए हों।

लोग कहेंगे – ‘ ऐसी अनुभूति लाज़मी है, नया देश नए लोग और नए नज़ारे ‘ पर मेरा मानना है कि बात सिर्फ नजरिए की ही है.. नए लोगों के बीच , उनका उठना बैठना , संस्कृति इंसान को हर समय यह यद दिलाती है कि सीखने और समझने के लिए दुनिया में ज्ञान समुद्र जितना गहरा है.. लेकिन उस ज्ञान को प्राप्त करने के लिए समय , जीवन के समयकाल तक ही सीमित है।

कहानी मूल अर्थ केवल यह है कि अपने समय को दूसरे कि सोच पर ना गवाएं… लोग आप में नुक्स निकलते रहेंगे, और वह क्या सोचते हैं इस सोच में आपका समय नष्ट हो जाता है…

अपना काम करते रहे, नए अनुभवों को यादों कि तस्वीरों में समेटते रहें और यह सोचकर खुश रहें कि ज़िन्दगी में भी

रुकावटों और अड़चनों ट्रेलर है तो पिचर

पर मेरा मानना है कि बात सिर्फ नजरिए की ही है.. नए लोगों के बीच , उनका उठना बैठना , संस्कृति इंसान को हर समय यह यद दिलाती है कि सीखने और समझने के लिए दुनिया में ज्ञान समुद्र जितना गहरा है.. लेकिन उस ज्ञान को प्राप्त करने के लिए समय , जीवन के समयकाल तक ही सीमित है।

कहानी मूल अर्थ केवल यह है कि अपने समय को दूसरे कि सोच पर गवाओ… लोग आप में नुक्स निकलते रहेंगे, और वह क्या सोचते हैं इस सोच में आपका समय नष्ट हो जाता है…

अपना काम करते रहे, नए अनुभवों को यादों कि तस्वीरों में समेटते रहें और यह सोचकर खुश रहें कि ज़िन्दगी में

रुकावटों और अड़चनों ट्रेलर भी है और खुशनुमा पलों की बरसात भी।

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Halaton mei jakde irrade kuch iss tarah…

Bhavanon ki kashti iss fauladi samundarr mei kahin ek kinnara hai dhoond rahi…

Yeh kaisi hai kashmakash halaton ki,

Ek oor Dukh ka sehlab dil mei kahin kaid kiye hai koi… aur doosri oor tyaag ki bhavnaon mei simti kuch pal ki khushiyaan kisi ki aankho ki nami kam kar dete hai..

Rishton ki रस्साकशी (tug of war) mei kya jeet aur kya haar… Jeevan ke yudh ke shariyantra mei haar aur jeet ke pehlu se kuch zyada ki khota hai insaan… yeh yudh roopi bhavanayen kahin na kahin sunn ho jaati hain…

Kehte hain samay se saare ghav bhar jaate hain..

samay sabka aata hai… halaton ke parinam nishchit hai.. sawal bss yeh hai ki hum kis hadd tak unn parinamon ko apne kaabu mei rakh sakte hain…

Maine duniyan mei kayi tyaag dekhe hain… par jo aaj maine hai mehsoos kiya veh shabdon mei bayan nahi ho sakte…

Mai nahi janta ki aage ka samay apne sath sukh/dukh ka kaunsa pitara le kar ayega ..

Par ek baat spasht hai mere yaara yeh abhimanyun tumhare is dukh ke chakraviyu ko todke rahega…!

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A glass half full or half empty!

Sitting by the bench, a thought ponders me- where am i headed?. Probably the most probable question that pops up in a person's head when he/she is at a junction of choices that gets him/her confused!

Kai dino mei kabhi kabar aise din aate hain, jab sahi /galat ya ache/burre ki samajh , samajh ke bahr ho jati hai

Tab kahin ek aavaz kano mein guunjti hai,



Insaan ko haar cheez samay ke mutabik hi milti hai, ab jab yeh baat manna aasan hai to, yeh manne mei kya harz- ki ummeed ke bhram mei raho, kameyabi ka kila sirf uske fateh kiya hai jo yeh ummeed roopi bhram mei jiya hai!

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That moment when people around you just don’t understand your decisions. 

Arzz kiya hai.. 





Samjho to jane.. gyaan hai.. sambhaliye zara😇🙂

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Turning to a new page😌

Well it just seemed like days when i last encountered this ” lets do a fresh start” thought, but yea times change and so do circumstances, One thing that gets clear each day in this book of life is that the “expectation vs Reality” graph is certainly on an imaginary axis! 

Its when people start expecting things from you that situations seem awful, maybe because we are not prepared to take up the challenge as yet or not in the same mental state as they are in their current stage of life. 

The Second  thing being that love is for children, adults perceive love as its called as Mutual Respect, A thing that comes from within and doesnt need a platform of social media, social meets or even show biz to exist. 

Well there is only so much that o e can talk about the hurricaneous thoughts of a human mind, definitely words cant shape or contain the complex emotions, but yes they do, do the work of putting up words that satisfy your opinion and stabilizes your mental attitude. 

In short…

Zindagi ke jin pehluon ko hum rab ki meher samaghte the,

Vo ab ittefaq ke  shatranj ka khel dikhai padti hai, chalen chali humne jamkar yeh sochke ki antt mei jeet ka danka humara hi bajega, par zindagi ka khel to dekhiye, mohoron ka istemal karne wale aaj khud pyade ban ke reh gaye! 

Ghodon pe chadne vale bhi dhaai chaal ke mohtaj hote hain, 

Vipreet stithi aane par, rasta katna seekekhte hain,

aisa pyaar hi kya jo wazir ko ghoda bana de,  

Dil dene vale hazaar kadardan hote hain katar mei,

Par us dil ko mehfooz rakhne vala hi asli baadshah kehlata hai!

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The one: when wisdom oversees the reality. (🤹🏻‍♂️🎪 of life)

What is wisdom? It is in fact the maturity a being possesses to have a different perspective in situations when choices made now, scripts and sculptures the future we either dream of or are destined to have. 

We have people all around us who are wise but in situations where reality meets the horizon of our aspirations, they make choices of which even they are doubtful about. Their constant search for answers so as to convince themselves that they are on the right path, is something i always wonder!

Now coming to the point, what do we do when choices we make , make us doubt on ourselves? I believe that the best way is to take a step back and introspect on the fringing effect ur choice could have on your life and all in it!, not that we need to make choices that make everyone happy,suppressing your aspirations will cause more harm than good, it will shape your character in a way that 5 years down the line you will be unable to identify who you were back in the day!, BUT COM’N WE ARE HUMANS FOR CHRIST SAKE! Yes we are and we tend to misinterpret things A LOT!. Keeping this fact in mind lets swirl in the world of shayari for a change!

Savalon se bhari yeh zindagi ki paheli, kheche ja rahi mughe is kadar jaise samudrr ki lehre liye ek naau ko darbaadar , dagmagaye na yeh vishwas , manzil durr sahi, khuwabon ke badalon mei lipati vo tasvir kyun na ho, aur pareshaaniyan gulab ke kaante aur sholon ke angare kyu na ho, tumhare khuabon ko asliyat mei tabdil karne ka mukaddar tumhare khoon paseene mei hai!

Momkin hai sab, sabr ki hai baat aisa bhi maine kahin suna tha, par zamaane ki khudgarzi hai yeh, ki harr dharm sankat ka upay hai ab paisa ya tyaag se sulajhta!

Haan khuwabon ki duniya hai zyada haseen, is pe hai mughe pura yakeen., khuwab la khada karta tumhari un aakanshaon aur chaho ko samne jo asliyat mei milti hain sawalon aur pareshaaniyon ke paon mei!

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Memories from the past that make us say Alas! I wish I had..

We all have the kind of friends whom we dont brag about, who dont need an introduction, nor do they need the pity in the heat of the moment.. all they need is the one thinking in sync with them!

Be it friends or being friendZoned, each have their benifits.. so hang on tight.. things change , coz time is the variable that governs the equation of life!😉😊

Mitrata kya hai?

Mitrata vo ehsaas hai jaise aangan mei gulastaan,

Har modd pe ek rahi milta hai,jo lage apna ya apne jaisa,

Gum baate jo,dukh mei sukh ubhar ke laye jo,bin kahe samjhe vo tumhare dil aur dimag ki halchal.. 

samay ki pavandi en rahi par bhi hai laagu, kuch ho jate hain dur, kuch paas rehkar bhi dur ho jate hain! 

Dosti pyar ka ek pehlu hai.. to chalo do kadam tum badao aur do kadam hum badain, sath ho jab uska to ratlam ki galliyaan bhi lage ujjale se bhari. 

Aur kya hai mughe kehna, dosti hai hi aisa gehna,  dharam sankat aaye ya aaye darraren aapno ke beech, sada rehta  hai sath uska akhir vo bhi kahan hai tumhe bhula sakta!